How to make a wax seal

Hi friends, 

Thanks for dropping by to check out our first blog post!! Hands down any content we share on wax seals gets so much engagement and comments! I mean, watching a wax seal is sooo satisfying am I right?!?!

I've been using wax seals for almost a year now and I taught myself the process of how to use them correctly. There was definitely some trial and error but now that I know some tips and tricks, I get a perfect seal every time!!

Ready to make your own wax seals, we've outlined the simple steps below!! We use the glue gun method, I find it to be the easiest and most time efficient way to make multiple seals quickly as we are usually adding them to orders that have 75+ seals that need to be made.


What you'll need:

1. Sealing wax - My favorite brand is Artisaire, they are a Canadian company and we've had such an amazing experience with using their products. They have a wide variety of stunning colors to choose from. Some of my favorite colors are Rosa, vellum, bright white and traditional gold. 

2. Low temp glue gun -  A low temperature glue gun is essential for working with wax. Regular glue guns heat the wax too high and will create bubbles in your wax. 

3. Wax stamp - Again, I prefer to use Artisaire wax stamps. They were the first company I used when trying out wax seals and I haven't felt a need to use products elsewhere. 

4. Ice or Icepack - The brass on the wax stamp will hold onto the heat from the wax which will cause the stamp to stick to the wax. Rest your stamp on the ice or icepack in between stamps. 

5. Cloth - use this to wipe any condensation off your stamp in-between stamps. 


How to create the perfect wax seal:

1. Turn on your low-temp glue gun and inset your wax sticks. Once the wax is heated up, press about 3/4 of a pump of wax onto the workspace. 

2. Press your stamp into the wax and let sit for about 20 seconds before removing. If your stamp was in ice before, you can lift sooner. 

That's it!! Its really as easy as that, have you tried making your own wax seals? Let us know in the comments how you made out!! 


Check out our video tutorial:

Want to see the step-by-step of how we make our wax seals, check out our video tutorial on Youtube: